A list compiled to answer a few common questions.
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Q1. Why do I need to install Microsloth's VS2005 Re-distributable (x86) package ?
A1. MySQL licensing precludes static builds/libraries of its components. I either need to buy a commercial license from them, release the entire project as freeware or use DLLs.

Q2. Where can I get the VS2005 Re-distributable (x86) package ?
A2. It is available from Microsoft on the following link. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... x?id=26347

Q3. Can I access the SQL data collected by TransTRBO ?
A3. Yes, the schema for SQLite and MySQL are as similar as I can make them. A document is available, that details each table and Row in those SQL databases.

Q4. Does TransTRBO log GPS Position data ?
A4. It depends on which Database is selected. It logs historical data when the database is SQLite or MySQL - but for the Registry database only holds the last 10 x positions.
(Update: For each radio the Registry now stores the last 10 x positions for History and Breadcrumb display).

Q5. If I purchase a copy of TransTRBO - do I have to pay any other cost for radios on the network ?
A5. No! There is a single cost for each main Base Station Radio connected to the Application. If you change radios, then you will require another license for that new main Base Station Radio.

Q6. Why does TransTRBO only read some of my Contacts from the radio ?
A6. Motorola does not provide an API to access the Contact data in the Radio. TT does a "best effort to read the Contact information - using a "quiet" channel may help.

Q5. After reading the Contacts from the Radio, why are all the names stored in the "Unknown" section ?
A5. From Version - the contact list will be read and any known discovered Radio and Group contacts will be placed in their correct sections. (Thanks to the persistence of P.S) This is the best case I could produce - to avoid manual data entry of the Contact table. But, as each "Name" in the "Unknown" contacts is involved in a detected call, TT will transfer that name with its updated number to either the Group or Subscriber section.

Q7. Can I track my own Base Station's position?
A7. Yes, a GPS enabled "portable" Base Station Radio, a laptop plus a vehicle, can be used to track your own vehicle (i.e a boat etc)
Just enter your Base Station Radio number as though it was any other remote radio in the GPS "poll" list.
(If anyone is doing this, please let me know and I'll think about doing a proper integration, including a moving "Base" Icon, centralising the maps etc.)

Q8. Why does the radio "disconnect" intermittently?
A8. In all but one case, it is because other Motorola(TM) software is installed and running in the background. All cases have been fixed by using a fresh PC. Motorola(TM) CPS and RNDIS are all that is required to allow TransTRBO to run reliably. MCDD is a known trouble maker.
The other 1 x case was the Firmware was really, really old and didn't support some of the communication features introduced circa 2012.

Q9. Each time I run TransTRBO I need to register the radio and/or the Wizard starts again?
A9. TT must be run from an Administrator Level account in (XP and above) also for Windows Vista and later - it must be set to "Run as Administrator". Vista was an over kill to compensate for previous security laxities. The administrator level access allows TT to read and write to the current user's Registry and local storage. (Thanks Vic ;) ).

Q10. When downloading Google(TM) Map tiles I get this image - what does it mean? Image
A10. That symbol indicates that Google has stopped serving maps to your IP - due to a substantial map download rate.
You'll have to manually delete those maps, wait an hour or so and then re-download them. (NB: I am looking at creating a Google Map Tile down-loader - that may overcome these problems - see wish list)...
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