Backup Ideas

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Backup Ideas

Postby PSummerhawk » Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:16 am

Ok so the hard disk crashed on the laptop, and I mean hard crash, lost everything. So starting over again on the program but was thinking "If there was a way to back up the program itself, like copy the whole folder to a flash drive....." Well you see where I am going with this. Would it still keep the registration information and such if you moved it back after a OS crash? Anyone done this and have it work? Just throwing out a suggestion here as Will and I have been talking on this and it would be good to have a backup of the program someplace to keep it safe and sound?


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Re: Backup Ideas

Postby g6fgy » Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:09 pm

Making a complete 'clone' of the hard drive works with no issues. That way, you have a complete backup of all the files, programmes and system data on the disc from the time it was cloned. Ok, so you have a cloned hard drive sitting unused in a drawer somewhere, but at least you know you've got a complete working drive ready to change over in the event of catastrophic failure of the type you mention.

I recently cloned my 2 640 Gb drives running Linux with Windows 10 as a 'virtual machine' to 2x 1Tb drives (which I'm now using) and all data and various registrations are still active & valid on both Linux & Windows - including TransTRBO

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