New Deployment Questions 2022

This section will assist with your initial set up of TransTRBO.
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New Deployment Questions 2022

Postby kwsanders » Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:25 pm

Thank you all for building this software and thank you in advance to all for your advice! We are a small ski patrol in Colorado, USA with very limited dollars looking at building out a small MotoTRBO system primarily so we can GPS locate radios on the mountain for increased safety. We could never afford a full on Motorola dispatch solution so this is a wonderful product for us and you all should know it will help us save lives. We are talking a very simple deployment; 1 repeater UHF, 30 handheld radios, ideally GPS update every 30 sec. We have FCC frequency licenses. We will still have an analog repeater on a separate frequency for backup or maybe GPS data offloading (not sure if possible). One mobile/base station radio in the dispatch area with a computer. Internet available at the repeater and dispatch. Cellular service is limited on the mountain. I am in the process of buying Motorola equipment in the USA. I have several questions as we buy equipment that I am hoping you can help me with.

-We can purchase XPR8300 repeaters quite affordably. I see that they increased the memory in the 8400 to help with enhanced GPS. I just want to confirm that we can do DMR GMS on an XPR8300? Also any information on costs in the USA for entitlements for GPS, APS, enhanced GPS on the repeater and handheld radios? Is this needed with transTRBO?

-I see that transTRBO uses available online maps. I worry about the resolution we need to locate patrollers on ski runs, etc with standard online software. We have a very high resolution digital GPS accurate map of our Mountain in GEOpdf format. I am wondering if anyone has been able to upload and use their own map with transTRBO?

Hoping to purchase the repeater today or tomorrow if anyone has time to respond quickly it would be appreciated. Hoping we don't have to move up to the 8400 or MTR3000. Looking for the simplest deployment, any advice is welcome. I look forward to sharing our new build out with you all! Regards, Kyle

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Re: New Deployment Questions 2022

Postby Administrator » Tue Jan 18, 2022 7:41 pm

Hi Kyle,

I don't monitor this site too often - so please contact Phill and I via email.

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