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TransTRBO Features

Scalable Dispatch Console with a very small footprint ...

TransTRBO is a small, but fully featured MOTOTRBO™ Dispatch console. It has a realistic dealer price to match its footprint and although its features include, Text messaging, GPS, ARS Server, contact list - a single one off license fee per Base Station is a real selling point.

  • Scalable System size
  • 4 levels of user access
  • Selection of databases
  • Call logging
  • Voice recording and logging
  • Full Contact list
  • Mini radio Head display
  • Quick Select toolbar
  • GPS Monitoring
  • ARS server built in
  • Radio Text messaging
  • Selectable user interface

Scalable configuration

Scalable System size

Select between a fixed base setup with a desktop PC, base Station radios and a network or

a fully mobile solution with a laptop and portable , which will run in your vehicle without the need of a network or the internet.

Scalable User access

Four (4) levels of user access and functionality available
1. Manager - Infrastructure setup, Administration access, all radio functionality
2. Administrator - Administration access, including maintenance functions, plus all radio functions and Remote Radio Control
3. Senior Dispatcher - all radio functions including Remote Radio Control
4. Dispatcher - dispatcher radio functions only

Scalable Database selection

Selectable Database size:
1. Small - Registry,
2. medium - SQLite,
3. Large - MySQL.
Choose based on your radio network size and required capabilities. Call logging, GPS position logging, etc

Dispatch Console

Call display and logging

A list of all detected calls is displayed and logged.
The list shows all participants involved in group calls monitored by the base station radio. The list and log shows the source and destination radios for private calls to and from the base station.

Accessible Contact list

A full featured and accessible contact list is available. Initially it can be populated by reading the contact list from the base station radio. Private calls, Alert Calls or Text messages can be invoked directly from the contact list

Mini Radio Head display

A floating Mini Radio head display with a PTT button , simulates the radio display.
A real time, Unicode compatible display with some radio indicators.

Remote functions plus Monitor

Remote Radio functions

Available to Senior Dispatchers is the full range or remote functions including :-
Check - Check if remote radio is on-line
Enable - Enable a remote radio
Disable - Disable or "stun" a remote radio
DeKey - all radios
Monitor - Monitor a remote radio

Monitor Remote radio

Ordinary dispatch operators may monitor a radio - but this option is only available to them if that radio is in "Alarm" mode.

Built-in Features

Text Messaging Server

Motorola compliant, full unicode, Text Messaging server for sending and receiving text messages.

Send Text messages to individual radios or Radio Groups.

Text messages are displayed in the call list and also stored in log files.

GPS Server

A 50 slot GPS/LRRP server that allows multiple "request" lists, each radio request can be tailored for that radio with request period, position information and request type.
Breadcrumbs plus animated GPS Position history.
Multiple request lists - think schedules - different days - different lists
Up to 2 x Revert channel base station radios may be attached.
Integrated with Google Maps™ and can also produce a periodic *.KML output for use with Google Earth.

ARS Server

200 slot fully compliant ARS server for those who want to track radios or using GPS.

The ARS server is integrated with the Contact list for visually accenting radios that contact the ARS server.

Selectable User Interface

Choose between conventional Mouse and Keyboard or
Touch screen which uses larger buttons and keypads for bigger fingers ...

Favourites Toolbar

a floating toolbar for quick access to selectable Zone/Channels or for contacting groups of common radio numbers.